You can meet the thesis statement in different places. If you analyze the speeches of politicians, the arguments of lawyers, and even commercials on television, you will notice that all this contains thesis statements. And, of course, this is an integral part of the essay.

Regardless of whether you write an argumentative essay, a scientific article, a term paper, or a dissertation, you cannot do without a thesis statement. This is the sentence that makes your paperwork. This is what helps to focus the entire text.

Since the thesis is so important, it is a great idea to learn more about its features.

When is the thesis statement used?

The thesis is used in the introductory part of your paper. In fact, this is the final sentence of your introduction. First, you give the reader some context, talk about your essay, its main ideas. Before proceeding to the main sections of the paper, you formulate one main idea, thesis statement.

It’s important to understand that this is not the last time you use this phrase. In the main paragraphs and in conclusion, you will have to repeat this several more times. But you cannot use the same words as before so as not to be repeated. You need to express the same thought only in other words. And this is called the rewording thesis statement. 

Rewording thesis statement

You need to reword the thesis statement if you want to surely convey a thought to your reader. Perhaps you initially presented the problem of your essay on one side only. And now, you need to take care of your audience, offer her a wider vision.

But what if you don’t know how to reword this statement? It is easy to understand and explain. You have already spent a lot of time formulating a thesis. We are well aware that this task is not easy. Sometimes wording a sentence requires more effort than writing a whole paragraph.

And now you need to retell this thought in other words, without losing its essence. If you don’t want to waste your time on this task, you can use the thesis statement rewriter. There are a lot of different automatic tools online. But be careful, not of them are really quality. These tools use machine code and do not understand the meaning or context of the text. This is why cars have not yet replaced people. Therefore, if you do not want to check every task that you send them, you should find a good writing company.

Advantages of the professional rewriting

When you send a ‘rewrite my thesis statement’ message and pay money, you can count on highly qualified service. Your order will be executed by an experienced author who has the necessary knowledge and skills.

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Here are a few benefits that are designed to convince you to choose a professional rewriting company:

Different services

What if we say that you can get not only the reworded thesis but the whole paper as well? You can order an essay, course paper, dissertation, or any other text that you need.

Another option is editing or proofreading your article. If you want to receive guarantees of an amazing result, rely on our team. When sending us a message, ‘rewrite my thesis,’ mention if you have some other needs.

High-quality results

We work with professional authors from different countries. They have a Master’s or Doctoral degree, as well as practical experience in their field.

This means that our writers, editors, rewriters are well acquainted with the academic requirements of various universities. They know how to get rid of plagiarism and how to help you get a high score. Just visit our website, and you get to know more about our outstanding team.

Awesome punctuality

Punctuality is one of the important requirements for students. If you do not deliver your paper on time, you may not deliver it at all.

When you make an order, be sure to indicate the deadline for sending the text. This will allow us to provide you with an author who can guarantee timely delivery. You will not miss the deadline!


We are doing our best to make sure that all customers are happy.

If your thesis or article contains errors, let us know soon. An unlimited number of free revisions is what allows you to be sure of the result.

If we were unable to live up to your expectations, we would refund your money.

You can also be sure about your confidentiality. We don’t share the private or payment data with third parties. 

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All you need to make your order is to send us a message with the words ‘reword my thesis statement’. The second option is to press the big Order Now button.

Your next step is to fill out a questionnaire. Everything is very simple at this stage. You need to specify the requirements for your assignment. For example, if you want to order an essay, indicate the topic, the number of pages, formatting style.

If you send us a few statements for rewriting, indicate the criteria which they should meet. For example, they must be 100% unique, prove a certain point of view, etc.

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