How To Write An Essay Fast: Professional Tips

Every day students face numerous assignments, including tens of essay types. Including narrative, descriptive, compare and contrast, persuasive, and argumentative essays. They may become a real nightmare for those who can’t cope with a tight curriculum or don’t have solid writing tips. Unfortunately, rather often, the deadlines are too close, and several other papers are

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How To Structure An Essay Properly

The structure of an essay is extremely important. It is a skeleton of your future work, so there is no better way to cope with the task than to create a strong structure. These guidelines are created for those who want to improve academic writing skills and to dive deeper into the ‘essay structure’ topic.

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How To Start An Essay With A Quote: The Best Tips You Will Ever Find

Starting an essay is never easy because the beginning sets the tone for the rest of the assignment. You need to invent an interesting and academic opening to motivate readers to learn more about your paper. But how is it possible to create a powerful beginning without being a professional writer? We understand your worries,

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How To Start A Narrative Essay

What does a narrative essay look like? What should you include in the text? How to start it in the best way? These are only some of the questions that every student is asking. And there is no distinct answer because everything depends on your academic level, topic, and tutor’s guidelines. A good essay, not

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How To Lengthen An Essay?

Longer written compositions are often graded according to various criteria, including the text length. What happens if you’ve poured out your every idea on the subject but still failed to reach the word count required? Learn how to lengthen your essay from tips and tricks in this article. It is rather easy to learn how

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